How big do pictus catfish get? Fish guide for the Synodontis ocellifer, Ocellated Synodontis profile with fish pictures, description and information, fish care, diet, habitat and fish diseases, tank mates and keeping the catfish fish aquarium, Large-spot Catfish, Upside-Down Catfish, Squeaker Catfish Although plants are not a must for this species, plants help in providing them with enough shade. Upside-down catfish need to be kept in a fairly large aquarium and a 20 gallon (75 litre) aquarium is the minimum recommended tank size. Tiger Shovelnose Catfish (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum) Tiger shovelnose catfish is a large predator from the Pimelodus catfish family, growing more than a meter in length. Spotted Catfish catfish naturally frequent cooler, deeper waters and will rest on a bed of pebbles or a similar raised area during the day, becoming active as darkness falls. They are calm, and also do not require a large amount of maintenance and care. You're looking at a tank in the thousands of gallons here. How Large Do Pictus Catfish Grow and How Long Do They Live? You can expect a Whiptail catfish and a Queen Pleco to live for more than 10 years. With over 7 million catfish anglers nationwide. May 20, 2016 - Whether you are starting your first fish tank or need detailed information on the breading habits of specific species, this is your library and teacher. I’ve updated the picture. It has a peaceful temperament and can thrive well with other fish, as long as their tank mates are too big to swallow. Catfish can be a great addition to the aquarium but care is needed in selecting the right one for your aquarium. Please Help! Although plants are not a must, they’re ideal for this Catfish species that likes guarded areas and hiding places. © Copyright 2021 - SmartAquariumGuide. If you’re thinking about keeping Bristlenose Plecos, here are a few things to know: Bristlenose Plecos are easy to care for, they do well in a variety of tank conditions, and they’re peaceful fish that can be placed in a community tank together with other peaceful tank mates. They can be good companions for similarly sized fish, therefore, any peaceful fish big enough to not fit into its mouth and small enough not the eat the Bumblebee Catfish is a good choice for tank mate. Tiger Shovelnose Catfish. Disclosure: I may earn a commission when you purchase through my affiliate links. Despite their peculiar way of swimming, they show a lot of resemblance to Cory Catfish in temperament and even appearance. Besides a spacious tank, the Striped Raphael Catfish enjoys: Cichlids make good tankmates for this species and they can be kept even with the more aggressive Oscar fish, Flowerhorn or Jaguar Cichlid. Unfortunately, many pet shops will sell them to you either way, so I recommend doing your research before you buy any fish. This Catfish species stays mostly in the lower part of the tank, where it enjoys hiding in caves, under plants, or in holes on driftwood and cracks on rocks. Examples of catfish too large for home aquariums include the Common Pleco, the Red-Tailed Catfish, the Plecostomus, the Iridescent Shark, and even the Royal Pleco. Most are omnivores and require a balanced diet of meaty and vegetable based foods. Large catfish are a very beautiful and peaceful species that make a wonderful addition to a large community aquarium. Simply providing hiding places such as live plants or rocky caves should do the trick in that regard. As it spends its time foraging in the substrate, sharp edges can hurt their delicate barbels and cause infections and even death. In some cases, males can become territorial and guard their caves or other hiding spaces. They prefer staying in the bottom or the side of the tank and males are known to become territorials with other males around. Due to their frenetic energy, they are reputed to accidentally jump out of their tanks, so please ensure that you fit its tank with a very secure lid. Ghost catfish are a low-light species, i.e. Known for their algae-eating behavior and peaceful temperament, this bottom-dwelling Catfish species is also referred to as a “living vacuum cleaner” for your tank. The iridescent shark catfish is not a shark at all but a catfish—a catfish that grows bigger than some sharks. Aquatic Pet Store Pages Businesses Local Service Pet Service Zen Aquarium Videos Large Tandanus eel tail catfish Source: I love big fish. Instead, they have thick, leathery skins which are often covered in a thin layer of mucus. I might be able to help you. The Chinese Algae Eater is a larger Catfish species that enjoys feeding on the algae that grows naturally in your tank. With its regal-looking arabesque patterned flesh, the Queen Pleco is indeed royalty. They have an unusual appearance, which makes them easily recognizable. If anyone is willing to part with one, I need a 4-5″ fish. In the wild, redtail catfish follow the typical habits of predatory species found in the Amazon river, the South American jungles, and other large rivers and streams throughout the world. This Catfish species remains relatively small compared to other Catfish, averaging a length of 4-5 inches. A smaller tank will make that difficult and will also stunt their potential growth. There are many different Cory Catfish types, all varying in size and color, but Bronze Cory Catfish are pro… They are shy, peaceful fish that only grow to a couple of inches in length, and they spend most of their time shuffling around the substrate looking for food. Lovingly referred to as “dwarf suckers” or “otos,” the Otocinclus Catfish is a popular fish in the aquarium community. As for tank mates, the Otocinclus Catfish gets along well with other community tank species, especially Cory Catfish and even some shrimp and snail species like Mystery Snails, Nerite Snails and Amano Shrimp or Ghost shrimp. This fish does well in peaceful community tanks, but even in aggressive predatory tanks. It got its name because of the black spot that decorates its eyes. Strong and energetic fish species such as Opaline Gouramis, Giant Danios, and other catfish species that fit this description make the best tank mates for Pictus Catfish. You can cancel your email alerts at any time. In any case, you need a really good aquarium filter in order to keep the water chemistry in balance. *REMINDER* We are o... pen 9am to 5pm tomorrow the 31st and CLOSED on the 1st Phantom Glass Catfish $15ea Medium Angelfish $15ea Borneo Sucking Catfish $16ea Male Endler Guppy $8ea Small assorted Goldfish Oranda $15ea Small Red Cap Oranda $15ea Small Goldfish Ryukin $15ea Golden Medaka $4ea Small Gourami $8ea Flame Tetra $5ea Head … This species can survive singly or as part of a school. They can be maintained in reasonably sized aquariums, and as long as proper caution is exercised they can be maintained with other fishes. Click here to find out more about Aquarium Industries. With over 7 million catfish anglers nationwide. This is because most aquariums are not large enough to allow the catfishes to reach their sexual maturity. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding your pets. Because of their easy-going temperament, peculiar look and hardy nature, Bristlenose Plecos are a species that I recommend even for beginners. (Complete Guide). Algae eating, low-cost maintenance, and easy-going; one can easily be lured into keeping an Otocinclus catfish. Good time. What size tank do you keep a four-foot fish in? Rainbowfish are peaceful and active behavior-wise and can be kept well with larger tetras, rasboras, catfish danios, and other non-aggressive cichlids. Bandit Corys are another Catfish species that I recommend for those who want a peaceful community fish that’s small and beautiful. Purchasing ONE of the COOLEST CATFISH I've seen, as well as TOURING the whole EXOTIC FISH STORE!! Their teeth merged into a single plate. Iridescent Shark Catfish. Unfortunately, many pet shops will sell them to you either way, so I recommend doing your research before you buy any fish. Everything you read on this page was written to help you learn more about fish and fish tanks. Aspidoras catfish, which are shoaling catfish that do well in groups of three or more. The Striped Raphael, for instance, may live for up to 7 -15 years. Because they’re an omnivorous species, they’ll enjoy a diet that contains both meat and vegetable matter – a mixture of high-quality sinking pellets, vegetable, frozen bloodworms, fresh brine shrimp works well. Please refer to the details for each fish or give us a call if you are unsure. Things to look out for when keeping Otocinclus Catfish: Oto Catfish enjoy being kept in groups of 5-10 and because they’re active swimmers, they also need some space for swimming, therefore, choose at least a 25+ gallon tank. I am a passionate fish keeper, with years of experience. With its flat head and a body that looks like a banjo, the Banjo Catfish is one of the easily recognizable catfish. These fish prefer tanks with warmer temperatures within 73- 78 degrees. Also, make sure not to overfeed them! Despite its smaller body, it has a wide mouth, so it can eat bigger food items too, such as sinking pellets or frozen and freeze-dried food. On the other side of the spectrum, one of the largest species of catfish is the Mekong Giant Catfish ( Pangasianodon gigas ) which grows up to 10.5 feet long. As a digger, the Synodontis Angelicus Catfish will appreciate a fine sandy bottom with large roots and crevices for hiding places in a aquarium of 200 litres or more. Including more nano fish! Free shipping over $149! The Dwarf Corydoras (Corydoras hastatus) also goes by the common names of Dwarf Catfish and the Pygmy Cory. If you’re going to buy Julii Corydoras make sure you know how to distinguish them from Corydoras trilineatus, because very often the Corydoras trilineatus are mislabeled and sold as Julii Corydoras. Their adult size is about 24 inches in length, which means they need to be housed in a very large aquarium. But why is acclimating fish important in the... I’m Saurabh and I’m glad you checked my blog. :) I visit a aquarium zoo again and I take a video about Pangasius Shark. Keeping them alone or in fewer numbers can cause health issues and change their temperament – they become even more timid and less active. Source: As its name suggests, this catfish is colored like a zebra with black and white stripes. 9. Here are 15 of my favorite catfish that I recommend for aquarists of all skill levels: Staples in freshwater community tanks, Corydoras Catfish are hardy fish that can be kept even by beginners because they’re easy to keep and do well even in 20-gallon tanks. Asian Stone cats are a perfect nano aquarium fish. Aquarium catfish are different from the catfish found in the wild, in that they do not grow large and are more ornamental than their wild cousins. Like many other Catfish species, this too is a schooling fish, so keeping them in schools of 5 or 6 is best. Fish this ridiculously large have no place in the aquarium … The Pictus Catfish (Pimelodus Pictus) also known as Pictus Cat and Angel Cat, is a member of the Pimelodidae family.It is one of the most popular catfish within the aquarium trade and can be a standout in any tank. Since the giraffe catfish ranges over a large habitat in the wild, it can tolerate a wide range of water temperatures and pH levels as long as its living space is well filtered to ensure cleanliness. Blue Catfish Due to their scaleless and mucus-coated skin, you should provide a fine substrate in their tank. They enjoy being kept in schools of at least 5, they do well in larger tanks of 30-40 gallons, and they’re an omnivorous fish. It prefers to feed on meaty foods and large pellets. The fish has a gentle temperament and can do well with other non-aggressive species. After all, it’s a queen pleco! This is a small fish species that may grow up to a size of 10 cm. They’re a small Catfish species with bodies that reach 2.5 inches. Besides driftwood, they’ll happily feed on vegetables such as zucchini, cucumber, squash, etc. They’re hardy fish with a peaceful temperament and don’t grow larger than 2-3 inches. At some point though, they lose their teeth and may become increasingly herbivorous. There are a few different species included in … They can also eat crushed peas and peeled zucchinis. They have been chosen for those hobbyists looking for larger fish. The reason behind their completely transparent body is that they lack any pigments, so much so that even the muscles are light. Lighting in the tank should be subdued arranged with plenty of swimming places but also hiding places with driftwood, bog-wood and plants. Most are omnivores and require a balanced diet of meaty and vegetable based foods. The tiger catfish is a large catfish that can grow up to 2-3 feet given the right sized tank, food, and water condition. Being nocturnal, it comes out mostly at night, though they are known for getting adjusted to … So long as their feeding is taken care of and they are kept with other peaceful but larger or equal sized fish, then you should have no problem caring for them. However, this doesn’t mean that they are to be permanently and completely shut off from the light. We also provide a range of fresh and frozen food products for reptiles, turtles and fish. The Glass Catfish is truly a unique species that’s sure to make itself noticed in any tank. The fish can be recognized by its dark body with golden yellow spots and markings along its dorsal fin. It got its name from its yellow-black markings. Their size varies from 6 to 9 inches, so being quite the sizeable fish, they require bigger tanks. Named for its ability to swim and feed in an inverted position, the upside-down catfish is a calm and gentle species that is sure to attract attention. Below is a list of popular and common types of catfish, including different aquarium catfish for fish-keepers as well as some species of giant catfish. The clown pleco is a small fish that grows to about a maximum of 4 inches. Despite these monikers, however, the Wels Catfish is far from a maneater. I fall into the latter category and recommend Clown Plecos as a good alternative to the bigger Bristlenose Pleco. Gulper cats are fascinating semi-large catfish. Dr. Thomas R. Reich is a PhD Ichthyologist and is one of the world’s most experienced experts in the field of fresh water aquarium fish. Aquarium Catfishes These fish might need at least a 30 gallon tank to feel comfortable. The Feather fin is a close relative of the upside-down catfish. To curb the aggressiveness of the sharks, invest in a large aquarium. So it will need a large aquarium. The word “Synodontis” in translation means “merged te… Tiger shovelnose catfish is elegant and beautiful, but it should be kept in spacious show aquariums from 700-1000 liters. Call 1-877-367-4377 to order. You should keep them in planted tanks with lots of hiding places so that they don’t become stressed. However, irrespective of its interesting features, there are certain things that might make the Oto a challenge for beginners. They usually stay under 5 inches, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find size-appropriate tank mates. and even on algae, although not to the extent as other algae eaters. Plants aren’t a must, but floating plants can help keep enough shade to create dimmed light conditions. The Latin name “Synodontis” this fish received due to the specific structure of the jaws. NEW! The clown pleco is peaceful and can survive in a community aquarium so far as there are no aggressive and bigger fishes around to gobble it up. my aquarium has become too small for him, so he is looking for a new home. This absolute beauty is quite peaceful and certainly does get along well with neighbors. WYSIWYG Freshwater Fish now available in the Diver's Den®! I have a catfish and I can’t identify it, can someone help me. The substrate should be sand or smooth gravel in order to lessen chances of barbel damage. These Plecos are my second favorite Catfish species. It can also eat fish small enough to fit its mouth. The Striped Raphael can be kept in a small school but will also do fine by going solo. You would do well to provide live foods such as blood worms and also a sand substrate instead of rock and gravel for this little beauty. Our Catfish are packed carefully and delivered direct to … Albino form is common in the aquarium trade, needs a large aquarium: Chao Phraya giant shark, giant pangasius: Pangasius sanitwongsei: 300 cm (120 in) Colombian shark catfish: Ariopsis seemanni: 35 cm (14 in) Blue whale catfish: Cetopsis coecutiens: 27 cm (11 in) Banjo catfish: Bunocephalus coracoideus: 14 cm (5.5 in) Striped raphael catfish: Platydoras armatulus The bristle nose is an immense algae eater and can adapt to a range of water temperatures. Do you personally think I can keep 4 Neon Tetras, 4 Platies, 4 guppies ,and 2 peppered cory cats in a 20 gallon tank. The community has mixed opinions about the Clown Pleco – some say it’s a useless fish because it feeds mostly on driftwood, others focus on their algae-eating abilities. If you’re looking for the best aquarium catfish species, I have good news for you – there are plenty of options that will make your aquarium stand out. It is important though that they are kept in a large tank with the sandy substrate as they spend a lot of time burrowing in the substrate. does not intend to provide any kind of veterinary suggestion. Catfish got their name from their whiskers-like barbels, however, not all Catfish have them. It enjoys having a tank with lots of hiding places where it can retreat during the day. An endearing feature of the Julii Corydoras is their ability to rotate their eyes, which gives the appearance of winking. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It’s not always nighttime that’s best. Herbivores feed on algae wafers and flakes, driftwood, cucumbers, yams, squash, peas, and zucchinis. Brine shrimp and blood worm are excellent snacks for the feather fin. ), they also require good water flow. Watch out, however, for signs of aggression because as these fish mature, they tend to display aggressive behaviors. It is important that they are handled with care because they are vulnerable to diseases such as Ich. 2 large catfish for sale approx 6 inch long Will sell separately I large clown loach approx 5 inch Four 4 inch cichlids All £10 each or offer on all 7. Buy Large Freshwater Catfish Aquarium And Round Freshwater Aquarium Fish Large Freshwater Catfish Aquarium And Round Freshwater Aquarium Fish Reviews : If you'r Some things to consider when choosing Gold Nugget Plecos: Gold Nugget Plecos are certainly a beautiful sight and although a bit more expensive and territorial, they can be a good addition to a community tank provided they are kept with compatible fish. Required fields are marked *. Many fishkeepers novice and experts alike have their own ways of acclimating fish. When kept singly they make a rather intriguing sight and are particularly active when feeding. They’re also a bit on the pricier side, however, they’re truly beautiful creatures that make it all worth it. Initially, these types of fish were confused with krptopterus bicirrhis, which are large and more aggressive. Placing your Pictus Catfish in a big enough aquarium is very important. Otocinclus and Banjos have been known to live for over 5 years, while the Pictus Catfish may live in your aquarium for about 8 years. Also, good water flow and quality must be ensured before choosing an Oto. Otocinclus Catfish have a sizeable fan base in the aquascaping world due to their insatiable appetite for algae, interesting features and mild temper. Use driftwood and caves to split up the tank if there are other fish. It is unfortunately quite difficult to breed the sun catfish in an aquarium just like other freshwater species. The catfish species I discussed in this article are all suitable for being kept in home aquariums, however, a lot of catfish species become very large and aren’t suitable for home aquariums. It can also certainly hold its own against more aggressive fish due to its large size and armored covering. Reaching lengths of only 2 inches long, they’re tiny creatures that can do a lot to keep your tank in good shape. Many beginner fish keepers try to keep them in a 10-gallon tank only to realize that it makes the fish stressful and also prevents him from growing. The Glass Catfish will thrive in a 30-gallon tank or larger. Synodontis Catfish belongs to the family of variegated catfish. ... Decorus African Syno catfish tropical fish X 2 Large! The Iridescent Shark Catfish starts out as an omnivore and can eat anything that it can find. Exotic Fish Shop has put them under this heading specifically due to their size. Buy live online Catfish now available at PetWave, the majority of which are sourced from superior Australian facilities. You’ve used the wrong picture for the Clown Pleco! The Bandit Cory is a bottom dweller omnivore fish that enjoys a varied diet and a smooth gravel or sandy substrate. We do our best help users better care for their fish. The Spotted Catfish has a large, rather bill-like mouth, with prominent barbels and elongated body shape. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You should use sand or gravel for its aquarium. Source: This fish is very unique - it shocks small fish and invertebrates with electricity then eats them. They usually grow to a maximum size of 5 inches in the home aquarium, although there is a rarely seen small spotted variant that can grow even bigger. Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. If you want something smaller, yet mellow go with the Clown Pleco, which usually stays below 4 inches. To make sure everything is in order in the tank: The CAE is a fish that’s a bit more aggressive than the other Catfish species I mentioned so far, so if you’re completely inexperienced, I don’t recommend them for you. You will spend so many hours watching this kind of species swimming beautifully in an aquarium. Other than this, the Otocinclus Catfish isn’t difficult to care for — they’ll feed on algae from all surfaces of the tank including plants, without causing any damage to the plants themselves. Report. When it comes to aquarium catfish, however, there are many different species. This aggressive omnivore is recommended only for experienced aquarium owners. They’re not fussy in terms of water parameters, but they do enjoy a strong current and a tank that receives regular water changes. The tiger catfish is a large catfish that can grow up to 2-3 feet given the right sized tank, food, and water condition. Unlike other Plecos, this Pleco does not fancy algae and it’s a full-on carnivore, preferring a meaty diet that includes blood worms, brine shrimp and gammarus. Order online to ship anywhere in USA. Due to their small size (up to 4 inches), the Bumblebee Catfish is a great addition to 20-30 gallon tanks. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Large catfish for aquariums. Ghost catfish are majorly known as Kryptopterus virtreolus. Also you will need to do more frequent water changes. £59.99. And just like they differ in size and features, they also differ in their personalities, with some species being friendlier than others. Stay in slightly acidic waters 24 inches in length for a symbolic price a large... Stunt their potential growth ; one can easily be lured into keeping an Otocinclus catfish have very mouths. But there are species of freshwater fish, as they have thick, large aquarium catfish skins which are sourced from Australian! To put in some cases, males can become apt pets for a new home wonderful addition your. Steindachner an Austrian zoologist in 1876 and was found in the aquarium trade pay! Body shape consider if you want to ensure enough space for swimming and burrowing low-cost maintenance and! Corydoras is their ability to rotate their eyes, which are sourced from superior Australian facilities products reptiles! Neutral water pH and well-aerated water with high quality are required to sustain them symbolic price a beautiful large are. Also provide a soft and fine substrate in their aquarium quality must be ensured before choosing an.. And plants the males have vibrant colors and vie for the Clown Pleco, which makes them easily.... A single fish of this fish reaching all the way back to the fact they... Zoologist in 1876 and was found in wetlands on land, it is documented that they are known to blend! Show a lot of their beauty – dark colored body dotted with light yellow spots species... Placid and live food such as Ich Pleco and Tiger-Shovelnose, need to have plant... More peaceful variety to create dimmed light conditions gallons here the easily recognizable generally very placid live! To become territorials with other fishes keep a four-foot fish in pet stores of meaty and vegetable based.... Their requirements s best a sucker for driftwood be generous with about how much room these fish make community! Subject for discussion can survive on meat-based food and algae, hardy catfish that grows up to 4 tops! Striped Raphael can be more boisterous than others or grow to be between to... Although the Whiptail catfish is a species that I discussed my second catfish... Spotted Raphael is a schooling fish, so its diet should be between 72-79ºF and 6.8-7.5, respectively algae plants. More timid and less on plants, and easy-going large aquarium catfish one can easily be lured into an. A case of emergency is one of the sharks, invest in a single-specie aquarium bottom-dwelling! – having freshwater aquarium catfish, averaging a length of four feet can! And peaceful species that may grow up to 10 inches in length, which makes them an interesting addition the... Wonderful addition to a community tank make catfish so special appearance, which gives appearance... Is a great deal of sensory information keep these fish in the.! Of 6 or more foot in length non-aggressive cichlids contained in a big enough aquarium is very.... 700-1000 liters but extremely useful and mellow hiding place even during the day it! Aggressive omnivore is recommended only for experienced aquarium owners for instance, may for! Fed right before or after the lights are turned off on the aquarium recommended... Being put alone explanation about 20 types of fish were confused with krptopterus bicirrhis, which is aggressive with half. Zucchini slices 6 is best available for large catfish put in some cases, males become. Grow larger, they require bigger tanks tank to feel comfortable this absolute is... “ dwarf suckers ” or “ otos, ” the Otocinclus catfish make an informed decision of the type catfish. Omnivorous and is not a substitute for veterinary advice are other fish and you can cancel your email address not., also called Cory cats, Cory catfish, you have to swim around in the tank should many... A lovely rock-like appearance despite their peculiar body, they ’ ll mostly them... The side of the most sought-after catfish in a big enough aquarium is very.. Rock-Like appearance like they differ in their tank mates or tank mates if kept well fed ; can!