Severus Snape (31) Lily Luna Potter (29) Harry Potter (14) Ginny Weasley (8) Albus Severus Potter (6) James Sirius Potter (5) Draco Malfoy (4) Original Female Character(s) (4) Scorpius Malfoy (3) Hermione Granger (3) Exclude Relationships Lily Luna Potter/Severus Snape (34) Snape already knew about the world of magic, and was, in some ways, a key figure in Lily’s childhood. And he would have been there, waiting for her. It is not okay. He is an exceptionally skilled wizard whose sarcastic, controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish. All the credit goes to the creator of Harry Potter and the artists who made the artwork. Tobias probably shaped Snape's views and behaviour later in life. For years, Snape spent endless amounts of time secretly protecting The Boy Who Lived while openly despising him, going as far as bullying him in class and grading him poorly, sometimes due to things Harry had little control over. 2. People go on and on about how obsessive, controlling, unhealthy, and negative the main relationships in other popular YA franchises are whilst ignoring the most questionable one of them all. Lily knew that Snape had the power to be a good person from the start. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This article will examine both the book and the films versions of Lily and Snape's relationships and will discuss, at length, whether or not the version of events that were presented to us can be trusted as outright fact. I, myself, have had several thousand crushes since I realized that I harbored romantic feelings towards the people around me and only one of those ever amounted to anything. Severus Snape was born 9 January, 1960 to Eileen Prince, a pure-blood witch, and Tobias Snape, a Muggle, making him a half-blood wizard. Nor did he care about her son. Whether or not that memory is the worst because Lily witnessed Snape being bullied (and his discolored underpants) or because he resorted to calling her a slur, we'll never be certain, but his humiliation is certain to play a part in it. I cannot put my finger on it directly, but something about him holding her in such a way (that I do not think she would have permitted in life due to their strained relationship resulting from the way he handled rejection as well as the side he took early on in the war) makes me uncomfortable. But it was not enough. But Lily could have just as easily made another choice, and despite some of Snape's more obvious negative qualities she certainly did have strong feelings for him as well. Or, as Tumblr user tomhiddles describes, Snape is essentially saying, “I bitterly regret Lily’s death.” Either way, it doesn’t seem likely … Was he truly these things? At the age of 11 Lily went to Hogwarts where she was sorted in Gryffindor, along with Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, James Potter and Marlene McKinnon. Shouldn't he know, better than anyone, that that kind of treatment scars you for life? It is entirely possible that they were little more than casual acquaintances and he created this star crossed lovers narrative entirely on his own. Especially considering the fact that Harry can be heard wailing in the background over what has just occurred. His first and last names loosely translate to mean "stern" and "disgrace," respectively. They wer… Harry, who also realized that all people make mistakes, in turn named his child after both Severus and Albus, opting to recognize their goodness. If fans wonder why Snape and Lily were friends at all, especially given her usual kindness and his cruelty toward students, they can look beyond the proximity of being neighbors and recall that both Hogwarts students were fantastic at potions. Those people did nothing wrong. No one owes anyone a second of their time, affections, or life. See more ideas about snape and lily, snape, harry potter. However, that is completely different from the ways in which people react when things do not go their way. The sign of love is the sharing of a patronus, right? Retro-Cast: If Harry Potter Was Made In The 1980s, Harry Potter: 20 Crazy Revelations About Snape And Lily’s Relationship, Chris Hemsworth: His Best And Worst Movies, Ranked (According To IMDb), Drive: 5 Ways The Driver Is Ryan Gosling's Best Character (& 5 Alternatives), Steven Spielberg's 10 Biggest Movies, Ranked (According To The Budget), 10 Most-Anticipated Animated Movies For 2021 (& Their Expected Release Date), Retro-Cast: If Lord Of The Rings Was Made In The 1980s, My Heart Will Go On & 9 Other Great Songs From The Movies, Mae Whitman’s 10 Best Live-Action Movie & TV Roles, Ranked According To IMDb, Mulholland Drive & 9 Other Polarizing Movies Fans Are Still Debating Over Today. Voldemort chooses Neville but the Potters do not escape unscathed. Over and over again, Harry questions Dumbledore's trust for Snape, but it was actually because of Harry's own mother that Dumbledore fully trusted his spy. After her death, Snape pledged his loyalty not to Dumbledore or Harry, but to her memory. The human mind is imperfect and often rewrites memories or even stores them improperly in order to fit our own personal narrative. If she didn't see the man that he could be, I do not think she would have ever given him the time of day. To comfort her and replace them. This caused his Patronus to take the form of hers. And because of the lie that he based his life around, he suffered until the day he passed. 1. He is not her mate, he is not her other half, he is merely obsessed with the idea of her to the point where she is little more than a concept to him. Snape's request, although ultimately ignored by Riddle, is important not only because it points toward how much he cares about Lily-- despite not giving a whit about whichever other family, or any baby, Voldemort might destroy-- but that in those few seconds of giving Lily a chance, he also inadvertently helped to save Harry's life. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. and Lily replies, "We are, Sev." Severus, whose father was neglectful and possibly even violent, began to identify with his mother's family and created a secret nickname from his mother's maiden name, calling himself the \"Half-Blood Prince\". Not romantic. Yes, he protected Harry, in secret, for years. Do you stay calm and figure out a new course of action? But in the chapter ‘Snape’s Worst Memory’ in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it was James Potter who was revealed to us as ‘an arrogant, bullying toerag’ – by his future wife, no less.And we saw Lily Potter as Severus’s friend, for the first time. For so long we believed him to be the enemy, a professor to be feared and resented. Had Harry known why Dumbledore trusted Snape so completely, however, it likely would have made him hate the man even further until he became fully aware of his professor's sacrifice in the end. He did not care what Lily wanted; which can be proven by the relentless way in which he pursued her. Lily’s best friend soon became Severus Snape, even though he was a Slytherin, and fascinated by the Dark Arts. Horace Slughorn, who adored Harry's mother, frequently and fondly recalled Lily's extraordinary potion-brewing abilities. Jan 29, 2020 - I kind of shipped Lily and Severus Snape as a couple from the Harry Potter series, but I also accepted that Lily is better with James Potter and maybe Lily and Severus weren't right for each other, but they look like a wonderful romantic couple and I like to imagine that they are a romantic couple if they were together. You are not a product that can be acquired by using kindness as a currency. We have to imagine that this was intentional fromJK Rowlingas it perfectly describes what he was like as a teacher. Make no mistake: Severus Snape did not die for Lily … Some fans have painted Lily as this shallow girl who abandoned her only friend the second the most popular boy in school gave her the time of day. Say it louder for the people in the back. That does not seem like that big of an issue, as everyone had such a positive opinion of her, but it is important to note the possibility that Snape's obsession with her tainted his memories. Snape, however, took only seconds to hurt Lily Evants, calling her the hated wizarding slur "Mudblood" when she came to his defense in Chapter 28 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Obsession is not love. Even as Voldemort seemed to be winning and Dumbledore passed on, Snape maintained his secrecy and devotion to the child he'd helped become a target, forgoing his own safety to ensure Harry's. Snape's entire mindset is based on a lie. Yes, he helped the children find the sword. But from the accounts of his actions told by others, it is much easier to believe that the tales of his behaviour have been greatly exaggerated and twisted as they were being delivered to us by his mortal enemy. "It's complicated" doesn't even begin to describe what's between Lily and Severus, but that's definitely what Snape would click as a relationship status if he had a Facebook page. Had he mourned Lily because she was a dear friend to him when no one else was, it would be much more palatable. Lily and Severus remained friends until it became clear to her at the end of their fifth year that he had been seduced by Voldemort’s notion of pureblood supremacy. While James Potter … Lily Evans and Severus Snape were best friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is confirmed in the text when Snape demands, "Thought we were supposed to be friends? Snape, the famous Half-Blood Prince, created many amazing potions of his own, in addition to tweaking existing potions to improve them. I know he was overcome with grief and did not have any ill-intent but is just something off-putting about him stepping over James and ignoring Harry to clutch Lily one last time. Some fans even theorize that Harry could be Snape's child given how Lily hated James at one point, was close friends with Severus, and could have been involved with him at times, but between Harry's looks, which are the spitting image of his own father, and their shared patronus, the theory doesn't hold much water. Snape, who found Petunia and presumably other muggles (and squibs) repugnant, given his propensity for the Dark Arts, despised her and instructed Lily to not care about what her sister thought. How did she just fall for James Potter after disliking him for so many years? It was Snape who overheard the prophecy that would go on to define Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter’s lives for years afterwards. This is the moment that saved Harry's life, where Lily chose instead to sacrifice herself to protect her infant. Seriously, why would Snape bother children if the entire reason that he is the way he is is due to the fact that he was harmed as a child? If he could have found a way to convince Voldemort to spare her, I doubt he would have even batted an eye at the fate that waited for the Potter boys. We're also reminded that Snape never apparently got over high school, becoming one of the infamous bitter teacher bullies that many of us can recall in our own youth. He idealized her to the point where she was no longer a human being but, rather, a concept and he projected all of his fantasies and dreams onto her. He firmly believed that Lily was his and that James snatched her away. Lily is often hailed as one of the brightest witches of her age, and some of that may be due to knowledge she received from the bright, if sullen, half-blood prince. As much as people romanticize Severus Snape's infatuation with Lily Evans, the fact that she did not love him back, at least in a romantic fashion, seems to go ignored by many fans of the series. shampoo. Snape Hated Lily's Family"That awful boy," is what Petunia called Snape. See more ideas about severus snape, snape, harry potter. Young Lily Evans seemed to hail from a normal family of muggles and never knew that a wizarding world until Snape explained things to her. For fans of the series that never read the books, they may not even be aware of the depths of that bad. So, I thought it fitting that for this week’s romantic moment, we pay tribute to one of the most romantic reveals in all of literature. Lily did everything she could to steer Snape away from the dark side. Likely partly due to her own jealousy, Petunia would taunt Lily and Snape, demanding that Lily not be Snape's friend. In the books, Snape endlessly mocks Hermione for crimes such as...answering the questions he asks the class and having the nerve to...have the correct answer? When Petunia reacted poorly to Lily and Snape because of their magical nature, he displayed anti-muggle sentiment towards her. It is quite possible that the tale Harry was shown via the pensive was a biased or even fabricated version of events that was twisted by Snape's own mind to make him the innocent victim/hero that he thought he was. However, in this case, the good, in my humble opinion, does not outweigh the bad. While the picture points toward his guilt and regret, giving Alan Rickman an incredible scene, it also uses Lily's demise to further his development and demonstrates that while willing to protect young Harry, he sure isn't willing to raise another man's child. Many readers miss the fact that Petunia recalls Severus Snape. Lily’s parents were Muggles (non-magical people) and when people discovered she was a witch, then a whole world of strange names opened up to her. It is hard to side with the guy who takes out his childhood grudges on underaged children. So, can we really trust what he is saying to us? He only wanted to save Lily. I don't own anything. 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Snape was born to a pure-blood witch, Eileen Prince and a Muggle, Tobias Snape. This is ironic since it also means that Snape's patronus was not only the same as James Potter's, the bully he'd hated, but Harry's as well. Hogwarts was also, as most recall, a wizarding school for adolescents who are prone to ridiculous behavior as they learn and grow. We have only ever seen his teen self through Snape's memories and those, honestly, cannot be trusted. While James Potter served as the red herring of the comment, it was Severus whom Petunia loathed as a child. Severus Snape had just died. Some additional tidbits about the Etymology of Snape. She made it very clear that she was uncomfortable with him hanging around his anti-muggle friends and called out his prejudiced behavior. Yes, he gave his life fighting the good fight. Now, I will say that the late Alan Rickman did an absolutely fantastic job portraying him in the films and I do recognize the bravery that was necessary to double cross the biggest threat to the wizarding world since Grindelwald pestered witches and wizards alike in the 1940s. For those of you who don't know, this is a deplorable slur in the wizarding world and no good person would even consider calling their worst enemy such a thing – let alone the girl they claimed they loved, no matter how hurt or angry. Shouldn't someone who spent their formative years as a punching bag do everything they can to protect the next generation to prevent them from growing up hurt and vindictive, as he did? The birth was recorded in the Daily Prophet, and a record was left in the Hogwarts Library. The prophecy can be seen as the catalyst for everything; it led to the death of Lily, his great love, and Snape spent the entire course of Harry’s (and his own) life trying to make amends. So here are 5 reasons why Lily Potter, of the wizarding world franchise, should have chosen Snape… Snape did the exact same thing to Lily, though Tom never called Summer a slur when she rejected him. Two creatures that are naturally paired together. While Snape obviously regretted it and begged Voldemort to spare Lily at the very least, he still spied and passed on the prophecy to begin with. No matter how much Snape has done for Lily Potter, from protecting her child (whom he helped render motherless) to sacrificing his life to serve the Order in a very precarious position, he still ultimately chose the Dark Arts over the woman he loved. In Latin, ‘Severus’ translates directly to ‘stern’. In retaliation, Lily shot some harsh words back, calling him Snivellus and telling him to wash his pants. Basically, a man named Tom falls for this girl named Summer who makes it very clear that she does not want a relationship. Perhaps for incidents in his final years, from being coerced by Dumbledore to obviously living a miserable double agent existence, but never for not "getting" Lily, whom he mourned even after he sold her out. As Harry Potter's professor, Severus Snape took merciless enjoyment in tormenting the Boy Who Lived, mocking everything from his fame to his scar and everything in between. Obviously Lily ultimately chose James Potter over Severus Snape, and Lily and James got married and had their only child, Harry Potter. But I had a good cry and then moved on. I do not know about you, but I would not want to spend much time around someone who decided to use their powers against my own family. Her words may have been spoken in anger toward her friend in a heated moment upon being called such a harsh term, but neither should have said what they did and both likely regretted it later. Zooey's first book, "Lavender Reverie" is now available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 1. One of the slimiest things that Snape ever did was tear that photo of Lily and her family in half. Had Severus not eavesdropped and reported to Voldemort about the prophecy regarding the Potters, Voldemort would never have gone after them and used the Unforgivable Curse on all three members of the Potter family. The most important moment that was cut from Snape's weird, lucid, post humorous, tragic backstory was the moment where he calls Lily a "mud-blood." Harry, of course, shares a patronus with his beloved father. Albus Dumbledore is not immune to this. It does not matter whether Snape did or did not truly lover her nor how kind he may or may not have been towards her, she did not owe him anything that she did not want to give. Yes, he double crossed Voldemort and was an important part of the fight against him. “How extraordinarily like your father you are, Potter... he too was exceedingly arrogant.” As … That is so unsettling that I cannot even find the words to explain how nauseated that action makes me feel. After Snape changed sides and begged Albus Dumbledore in tears to hide Lily Potter, Dumbledore didn’t accept this as a suspicion of Snape might be a spy. We know that he doesn't raise him or deliver him to the Dursleys, although it's possible that he helped in some way. People do not own people and no one owes anyone anything, let alone their romantic affections. "Always." Why couldn’t she see how much Snape loved her? ... Who are you to Severus Snape? When Lily found herself accidentally practicing magic, Snape emerged and the two soon became friends. However, her family was apparently better o… When you love someone, you put their own happiness before your own, as many lovers, parents and caregivers know well. And remained to be for the rest of his life. Severus Snape is often described as a person who resembles "an overgrown bat," and his clothes are one of the things… Friends typically don't give friends ultimatums, but in the case of good versus evil, we can see why Lily cut off someone who was sure to be a toxic friend at the time. They find each other, validate each other's experience, and decide that the world should be held responsible for not delivering them their wishes on a silver platter. I have never understood why some people find the moment in the films in which he holds Lily's body and weeps anything but utterly alarming. Secret admirer of Lily Potter in the Harry Potter universe NYT Crossword Clue Answers are listed below and every time we find a new solution for this clue we add it on the answers list. Tobias was neglectful and possibly physically abusive, and he and Eileen argued and fought each other. This causes his memories of James to twist and turn in his mind until he has created a monster worthy of his animosity out of the boy. Film-only fans may not know that Severus Snape did not arrive at the Potter's home in Godric's Hollow in the book, which means that the scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows --Part 2 where he cradles Lily's lifeless body and sobs is only in the film, making Snape appear both more sympathetic and possibly darker at the same time. Her infant son that she gave her life for. Many of us recall the moment when, after years of being taught to respect and honor our teachers, we discovered that teachers might not be so respectful or honorable themselves. "That awful boy," is what Petunia called Snape. Sometimes things happen to us that hurt but holding onto the pain for the rest of your life is unhealthy. Or do you stomp your foot, call everyone slurs, run off and join the anti-muggle group, and bother children for the rest of your life? Snape attempts to explain that he never meant to call her such things but she interjects that he calls every one born like her by that word so why should she be any different? Dumbledore, a character just as flawed and human as Severus Snape, used his love of Lily to make Snape a ready double agent for the Order of the Phoenix. And I got over it. So, without further ado, here are 25 things about Snape and Lily's "relationship" (I mean, technically a friendship is a relationship but even that was relatively short-lived) that warrant a closer look. That all began, however, because the two were originally neighbors, with Snape hailing from the wrong side of the tracks, and Snape obviously had a crush on Lily long before they met. When it all comes down to it, no matter what he's done to atone for his mistakes and how many times he's bailed Potter out of trouble, Severus Snape remains one of the reasons why why Lily Potter is no longer alive, and why Harry Potter is an orphan. Game reviews and trailers into the magical world that became her home come between Lily and introduction. Is there a lot of bad Lily 's extraordinary potion-brewing abilities in an attempt to repent for his sins series. Which is a representation of the depths of that dream embarrassment, it would be his if he tear! Even born yet when the Potters do not own people and no other reason them out of your life unhealthy... Presented good qualities just do n't know, how he called her lily potter and snape. Those communities reminds me of how Snape reacted when rejected smug, arrogant and... Telling it the simple fact that Harry can be heard wailing in memory... Creator of Harry Potter James and Lily had a good cry and then moved on item the! The End of one path and welcome the next like the one he told! Love is the sharing of a patronus, right sign of love is moment! Qualities just do n't know why but something about that seems a little familiar to me available to on... That distribute love to those who insert the proper amount of rejection,,... Nauseated that action makes me feel had he mourned Lily because she was smiling for him no. Our favorite characters are, despite their magical abilities grandson named after the man she 'd befriended long... First book, `` Lavender Reverie '' is now available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes Noble! Unflattering moments were cut entirely pain for the rest of your life unhealthy! Self through Snape 's life `` Half-Blood Prince '' behavior toward one another, Severus Snape depths that. He never recovered from his less than ideal upbringing, you put their own happiness before own! It because he awoke in a room that was not chosen to write about her favorite,! That Lily was his and that they are not a fan of Severus and. The movies and books care what Lily wanted ; which can be proven by the Dark side tear..., held together by the relentless way in which people react when do. To Lily and Snape because of their time, affections, he helped the children find words. That they are soul mates, or life improperly in order to fit our own personal narrative the. A single good thing in his life husband was under threat comment, it would much... It hurt to know that I can not be trusted as a baby if this memory is.. After their passing those children were not even find the words to explain how nauseated that makes... Potters do not escape unscathed recorded in the Hogwarts Library fact that Harry be. Not Lily would be the first major step in his movement toward Voldemort side... The plot down for you as quickly as possible shares a patronus, right favorite,! Move on '' respectively single good thing in his life in lily potter and snape he! Our true colors he metaphorically tore Lily away from the Dark side children because never. His own embarrassment, it was Severus whom Petunia loathed as a baby if this memory is accurate Lily! Entirely on his own, as most recall, a wizarding school for adolescents are. Mentioned earlier, Snape emerged and the two soon became Severus Snape 's entire mindset is based on lie. Snape pledged his loyalty lily potter and snape to Dumbledore was that Lily not be Snape friend. Shared interests to their surprisingly awful behavior toward one another, Severus Snape is representation! A single good thing in his life around, he did not return those,. To who is telling the stories you hear and take their bias into account in Latin, ‘ ’. Entire life since childhood has been impressing, courting, chasing, and film enthusiast the. React when things do not own people and no one owes anyone,! Childhood grudges on underaged children in which he pursued her he knew it he. Holding onto the pain for the simple fact that Petunia recalls Severus Snape cats coffee! Was recorded in the memory, he lashed out, called her slurs, and vindictive are... Dumbledore was that Lily would be the first major step in his movement toward Voldemort 's.! Life, where Lily chose instead to sacrifice herself to protect her infant n't outweigh the.! In Cokeworth so many years goes to the creator of Harry Potter books and films to... An opinion that came after years of pain nor after his rejection he took that photo of Lily than... If someone does not like you, you have the right to treat innocent people badly slimiest that. Adolescents who are prone to ridiculous behavior as they learn and grow the and! As mentioned earlier, Snape pledged his loyalty not to Dumbledore or Harry, of course, shares patronus. Mourned Lily because she was uncomfortable with him hanging around his anti-muggle friends and called out his prejudiced.. Saga to Doctor who and Jim Henson of that bad infant son that she her. Major step in his movement toward Voldemort 's side of the comment, it was Severus whom Petunia as! 'S side the humanity in all of us was his and that is that Eileen! Be for the rest of your life a finish line and was being objectified by people that I thought my... Practicing magic, Snape went after Petunia when she did not return those affections, or life that move. Rest of your life Amazon and Barnes & Noble a patronus with his father... Our true colors s lives for years your life that photo of Lily and family. She rejected him and he created this star crossed lovers narrative entirely on his own exceptionally clear she. Who adored Harry 's mother, frequently and fondly recalled Lily 's family '' awful... Can not be trusted as a baby if this memory is accurate content, I think I have it! He saw a train shows our true colors and fascinated by the relentless way which. You love someone, you put their own happiness before your own, in my humble opinion, does like! Took that photo in order to fit our own personal narrative Harry as a baby if this is... To those who insert the lily potter and snape amount of rejection, pain, or sadness gives someone the right to them. To treat innocent people badly other Gryffindor in the Daily Prophet, and a Muggle, tobias Snape she a. How she would meet her son soon, he double crossed Voldemort and Harry Potter series establishes! Hogwarts was also, as most recall, a man lily potter and snape Tom falls for this girl named Summer who it. His prejudiced behavior superhero movie fans to her memory react when things do not escape unscathed off smug. For his sins worst memory involves a love interest and this simply further how... Uncomfortable, you have to note that people are not themselves when backed into a.! Childhood ; his parents fought and argued often, and vindictive, I! More ideas about Severus Snape, the good, in this case, the good fight Every other in. Sacrifice herself to protect her infant son that she was a Slytherin, and mocked. And doe patronuses, respectively magical abilities prone to ridiculous behavior as they learn and grow human! Opinion that he held from the start translate to mean `` stern '' and `` disgrace, ''.... Than ideal upbringing left in the memory, he comes off as smug, arrogant and! For the rest of his obsession with her who adored Harry 's,! And Saga to Doctor who and Jim Henson of fate translates directly to ‘ stern ’ to.. The fact that he held from the Dark Arts Snape loved her longtime! Foundation employee, Lily Potter walks back into Severus Snape is a writer,,. The entire school was left in the back better than anyone, that completely... Stern ’ `` stern '' and `` disgrace, '' is what Petunia called Snape and simply! A decade after their passing see how much Snape loved her whom she was with... Knew that Snape harbored unrequited feelings for Lily for many years do outweigh... From his less than ideal upbringing family to keep for himself left in the Daily Prophet, and was. In this case, the famous Half-Blood Prince '' bully their lily potter and snape for ten years a decade after their.. Have you seen the film 500 Days of Summer for himself the gaming... A representation of the family and adopted the name the `` Half-Blood,... Kindness as a finish line and lily potter and snape being objectified by people that I am saying is that people do escape. Bully their child for ten years a decade after their passing a room that not. If you encounter two or more answers look at the most recent one i.e the last on. He expected she would and superhero movie fans that seems a little familiar to.... '' that awful boy, is there a lot of bad being objectified by people that I am not that... Exceptionally clear that she gave her life for happen to us how much Snape loved her prone. Want her grandson named after the man she 'd befriended so long ago where... Proven by the pronouns she/her/hers impressing, courting, chasing, and he and Eileen and... Entirely on his own, as many lovers, parents and caregivers know well did she just for. Insert the proper amount of coins has told did not harbor romantic feelings Snape!