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The collection is available in two different shades of grey with a decor tile to allow for creativity in the layout patterns when installed.. Click to see more! While its appeal is indeed irresistible, it has its share of downsides as well. Email: This has the added benefit of prolonging the lifespan and preserving the natural colour of the marble. There is some minimal preparation required since you still have a hole in your marble floor. We offer wide range of products from kitchen tops, vanity tops, counter tops to flooring and feature walls. Floor Medics® is also yours =>> supplier of marble polishing powder Granite polish, Limestone polish Marble sealer, Granite sealer, Stone sealer, Grout sealer Tile stain remover solution, Marble stain remover, Rust remover solution. Specialized in Marble. When your worktop or flooring may need restoration. The information presented in this website is the property of Metallic Epoxy Singapore and cannot be copied or modified wholly or partially without Metallic Epoxy Singapore's prior written consent. Marble is a type of metamorphic rock caused by submitting limestone to high temperatures and pressures over thousands of years, resulting in a stone capable of taking a high glossy polish. use a coarse (100-grit) pad first, followed by a finer (300-grit) and even finer (600-grit) pad. As you polish, you will bring out the lustre and shine hidden in your marble. To hone is to use an industrial diamond pad to sand the marble surface. Ah, marble. Need help for cleaning? At FloorXpert Singapore, we know marble and its characteristics, its likes and dislikes. Canvastone have been repairing and restoring granite, marble, travertine, and quartz countertops and floors, earning a reputation for our integrity as stone surface specialists and focus on customer satisfaction. 3 bedroom also hack and replace by laminate flooring. There’re also cases whereby cracks form on the top of a marble table – or worse, the table top breaks into a few pieces – when it’s moved from one place to another. Brought to you by SGcleanXpert | Copyright © 2014-2020 | All Rights Reserved. This is because the acid in vinegar does not agree with marble, which is essentially limestone. Floor Medics® innovated scratch repair kit, no need to worries - cracked tiles repair is easy for us - Tile fix! Marble slabs are heavy and will require professional handling. The correct method is to use mild detergent or diluted ammonia to wash off dirt. It can be applied on almost every surface, including the floor, vanity countertop or … Marble Restoration Singapore. Flaking typically happens when stone is exposed to excessive amounts of water. Our tile replacement service include cleaning and polishing. The metamorphic stone that captures the essence of natural colours and beauty. You’ll need the services of a marble and granite countertop and floor repair and restoration specialist when your stone surfaces are damaged. Marble Natural Stone Singapore Wholesaler and installer. Marble Polishing. Inside the hole will most likely be loose marble which will need to be removed in order to make the patch adhere. Of course, they’d vary under different conditions. 3D Bone Mosaic 091 Marble Tile Texture from $85.99 USD. It has an elegant and shiny appearance. Floor polishing service in singapore? We specialising in a wide range of flooring product such as Vinyl flooring, composite wood/engineering wood, outdoor and indoor solid timber wood, as well as floor tiling. The thickness of tile -- its calibration -- offers one indication of its quality. A timely countertop or floor repair by a professional restoration company will cost far less than having to install replacements. Exa Flooring offers access to top-tier marble tiles Singapore has to offer ensuring clients can quickly spice up their property. If you like natural marble, be sure to check us out at or 38 Sungei Kadut Street 1 … We provide one-stop flooring solution in Singapore floor industry over more than 10 years. Now is the time to service and restore your marble into its prime. You do not even have to wipe down the floor. Chat with our staff now. Although natural stone surfaces are extremely hard-wearing, they’ll eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. If you have decided that marble flooring in Singapore is the one for your home, don’t consider installing them yourself. My marble floor was given an excellent treatment, scratches was lifted off and the once dull looking floor is now as shiny as a mirror. Generally, these are the steps we take during a restoration process. Superb selection and prices.The best customer service and knowledgeable staff.Purchased all our flooring and saved hundreds.Ben was very courteous and genuine about making us happy, he took time and answered all our questions.The facility is clean and well organized thus allowing you to really pin point what style, material and size fits your specific project.The selection is … Of course, this price point is a comparison to other high-end natural stone tiles. TM Tiling Singapore is the #1 Direct Tiler Contractor in the country offering reasonable pricing and quality workmanship. Calling in specialists in stone surface restoration and repair before problems get out of hand will avoid the expense and inconvenience of having to replace your floor tiles or countertop. Metallic Epoxy Singapore reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these information at any time. From a price standpoint, limestone tile is a budget-friendly covering material compared to marble or granite. Call us now to make a reservation. Although some stones will naturally begin to turn yellow eventually, yellowing can occur when grime becomes embedded in the stone. He kept the space tidy and clean throughout the whole process. Use a brush to dust out the bits of ro… The type of finish on a wooden floor can make a big difference on the looks, feels and durability. The cost of a typical marble tile in Singapore costs between S$4.99 and S$9.98 per square foot, and depending on the type that is chosen; even upward of S$9.98 can be spent per square foot for flooring. If your table top is one of a kind or too precious to be replaced, marble restoration services would then be required. If the unsightly marks are superficial, they could be removed by wiping down with a damp cloth and the right cleaning agent. Instead, you can simply remove the tile and replace it with a new one. It is basically a chemical reaction which creates a protective film coating the marble surface. Ah, marble. Tien Seng Marble Pte Ltd is a major stockist of 150 varieties of premium grade stones including limestone, marble and granite slabs. This step involves grinding marble with a low-speed polisher. Marble especially so because it’s more porous than granite. But overtime, marble can become dull due to prolong sunlight, stubborn dirt, dust and even grease. Ceramic Tile for Less is a renowned tile store based in Whittier, CA that for over three full decades has been providing the local community with high-quality floor covering and tile solutions at prices that are very competitive and fair. It is the material of choice for various surfaces at home, from lavish countertops to ornate table tops to proper flooring. Marble Floor Restoration Singapore . Natural stone kitchen countertops such as marble and granite, and man-made engineered quartz worktops, can all suffer damage by staining, etching, scorching, and so forth. Marble Renewal (S) Pte Ltd, part of a Global network established in September 1996 after being awarded master license from SVI / Marble Renewal™ of Little Rock, Arkansas USA to operate in Singapore and South East Asia. When looking for professionals in Marble, Granite, Parquet or any kind of floor polishing services, quality service is the most important factors to be looking at. They are also trained to wax your marble floor, which adds a protective and smooth layer to the floor. 3D Broken Black 094 Marble Tile Texture from $85.99 USD. For example, the use of vinegar, a common household cleaning agent, can cause marble to turn to sand. Need help for marble restoration? Wood Floor Finishing Cost Factors. Our team of professional technicians are committed to educate you on proper care and maintenance of your marble floor and table. As time goes by, the shine will be replaced by a soft patina. Contact: +65 6252 2222. Marble flooring is a great option for those who want to improve the appearance of their homes. The first step in the restoration process is cleaning the marble surface. At FC Floor Polishing Pte Ltd, we will deliver the 5-star quality service that your floor … Sometimes, when the edge of a marble table top sustains a knock from a hard and heavy object, it may chip. The following are the various types of Marble models offered under LH Marble. Replace patch up cement flooring cracking broken damaged concrete slab patching works. Attached is my new house before renovation. Marble tile flooring debris disposal ... and Wenge will cost much more than usual wood-like bamboo and teak and can reach as high as $150 per square foot in Singapore. If your stone floors have seen better days, our granite, marble, and travertine floor restoration services can soon have your flooring looking as good as new. Professional Information: Designer Tile supplier and installer for Flooring and Walls. OTW Inc. Different grades of polishing pads are employed in a progressively finer manner, i.e. Tile repair service in Singapore for ceramic, marble, homogeneous and other types of tiles. Customers can find a broad selection of floor tiles such as ceramic and marble-inspired tiles here. ICleaning is Singapore’s leading provider of marble polishing and care services. Remember to rinse with warm water and dry it off with a soft cloth. We proffer: Marble floor polishing services. Being soft in nature as compared to other stones like quartz and granite, it is prone to scratches or stains from all kinds of sources and contact. We keep the price of our repairs and restorations as low as possible while still providing quality materials and professional craftsmanship. Wish to bring the brilliance back to your stone surface?Speak with Canvastone. 3D Court Vintage Mosaic 31235 Marble Tile Texture Stair Risers from $74.99 USD. Marble especially so because it’s more porous than granite. This material is easy to use, beautiful, and simply outstanding when it comes to versatility. Hafary’s newest product feature: WT36006G WT36006G wall tile collection simulates the beauty of grey marble. Marble Selections for Flooring, Feature Wall and More in Singapore Marble is among the most elegant and luxurious of stones and is versatile enough for use throughout the home. We aim to create work that is honest and build homes that are full of love. Not forgetting that the individual marble pieces have their own veining, which means that when they are not placed skillfully, it may look out of place. Proper preparation of the subfloor is critical, and as a natural stone, marble is considerably more difficult to cut and drill, requiring specialty tools. 3D White Rectangle 039 Marble Tile Texture from $85.99 USD. If your marble is damaged beyond repair, there’s no option left but to replace it. Calibration and Dimension. We have completed a HDB at Bukit Panjang area, living room marble floor, kitchen marble floor, 2 natural marble feature wall, 2 full toilet and kitchen with back splash. We'll respond to you within 3 working days. Marble is a more delicate stone as compared to granite and quartz. Lian Hin is not a stranger, we treat every home just like ours - with respect, admiration and love. Marble Services. Marble is commonly used for flooring and feature walls (with lower usage applications). The resultant look will be dull and battered, missing its original shine which captivates people in the first place. Chat with our staff now. Or request a callback. That doesn't mean that you have to live with the imperfection or replace the entire floor, though. Canvastone’s services would entail the use of industry-leading tools, techniques, and chemicals to revive the appearance of jaded floors and countertops. Marble Polishing can be a tricky task, many temporary workers who utilize outsider taking shape specialist on your floor that looks extraordinary for a couple of months, and afterward it gradually destroys the marble’s composite, this is not how one goes about properly cleaning marble floors. We not only perform these restoration services, we also have an eclectic range of products which you can choose from. This serves to remove deep scratches and stains with the end result of a uniform surface. If you’ve chosen to splash out on a marble figurine to provide a focal point in your home or business premises, and it’s taken one hard knock too many, you’ll need services specialising in marble statue repair – experts in precision workmanship, concealing repair lines and preserving the restored area. Property Type* Property Type*Residential – HDBResidential – PrivateCommercial, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Scratches, stains, etching, and other damage may be removed by. You can leave it as it is, but most of the time polishing is required. Aside from a visually appealing look, marble flooring is also durable. 3D Fish Scale 042 Marble Tile Texture from $85.99 USD. Lian Hin is an established supplier and fabricator of Granite, Marble and Quartz. If your marble floor looks dull or filled with scratches, calling a professional marble floor polishing Singapore company can remove the scratches and make your marble tiles shine. Signs your countertop or floor is in need of care from a marble or granite repair specialist: Want to get rid of the ugly flaws on your stone surface?Speak with Canvastone. Had a very good experience engaging Singapore Polish Grind. With more than 10 years of experience in the tiling industry, our trusted and dedicated tilers are experts in completing tiling works for homogeneous tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble tiles, and all sorts of floor tiles materials. Cico Holdings (2008) Pte Ltd is one of Singapore leading flooring specialist. Marble as a flooring material can be divided into whole surfaces and tiles, each of them serving slightly different purposes for different kinds of … Finish off the restoration process by applying a marble sealant which further improves durability and resistance. A popular choice for home décor, marble tiles on floors and other surfaces have a natural beauty and glamour that shines through most environments, making them the center of attention. Although this sounds like a trivial task, a single misstep can spell doom to you beloved marble table top or floor. The technician was very careful and meticulous. Obviously, the thicker the marble tile the better, as marble tiles naturally contain flaws. Surface coatings such as vinyl film or wax can also yellow with age. Minor cracks, on the other hand, can be easily patched using a compound made especially for marble repair and smoothened out using an oscillating tool. Stay here and read the article to learn why we think doing business with us will be beneficial for you. On occasion, a marble tile may crack when struck by a dropped object or even from pressure from a furniture leg. So why wait? A floor made of marble is a fantastic addition to any home, be it in the living room, kitchen or bathroom. It is the material of choice for various surfaces at home, from lavish countertops to ornate table tops to proper flooring. Dry Laying, Sealant application, Elevation Plan drawing, Marble Polishing, Honing Save costs on renovation as Customers only pay for actual tiles cut out from slab Suitable for Living/Dining Room Flooring. Refer to this guide to determine how much it will cost you to install marble flooring in your house. A timely countertop or floor repair by a professional restoration company will cost far less than having to install replacements. Balestier outlet: 568 Balestier Road, Singapore 329885. A marble tile is the easiest to replace, otherwise a complete resurfacing is called for. Floor polishing homogeneous marble gum grout granite flooring grinding parquet varnish sanding. Other indications that your stone surface needs repair or restoration include flaking and yellowing, and the longer the problem is allowed to persist, the harder it will be to rectify it. However, if the problem is more serious, calling on professional marble, granite, and quartz countertop repair services may then be necessary because appropriate buffing equipment would have to be used. Since the marble flooris already chipped this means you do not have to remove the finish like you would to repair scratches. I plan to hack marble and replace the broken marble with homegeneous. The metamorphic stone that captures the essence of natural colours and beauty. Marble tile is a very heavy but brittle stone, and unprepared DIYers may find that they waste a good deal of material through breakage. Marble is sourced from various mountainous regions of the world and is heralded as a premium-grade material. Crystallisation is the cherry on top which will make the marble extra shiny and attractive. While its appeal is indeed irresistible, it has its share of downsides as well.
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