And the momentum shifts back to Shohoku until the mixed team pulls apart again as Shohoku has to chase after them creating a see-saw game. The members also decide on the costumes and makeup style. Especially Rukawa who plays his hardest even in scrimmage games and grabs for the ball with intensity. After the practice game, Sendo, who told Hanamichi, "If you want to beat me, practice like you're going to die," sees his improvement and gets fired up. Min Hyo-rin is chosen as the second dreamer. Jessi is chosen as the third dreamer, choosing to learn boxing. Ryonan scores first, but Shohoku's Hanamichi scores right back. The members go on an outing as proposed by Kim Sook, and chooses the second dreamer. Hanamichi who took out Uozumi shows off his ability. Episode 99 Shohoku in Trouble! The members are being evaluated on their choreography progress before tuning it according to their vocal parts. Ryonan's bench is also fired up by their momentum. After losing the Kainan game, only two games remain: Takezato and … The stylist, Choi Hee-sun, visits the show and reveal prototype version of their stage attire. Jessi – Completing three missions from the past, present, and future from Jessi's father. Ryonan, who is in their best condition, will play against Shohoku, who's coach is hospitalized. However, in the finals arena, Moroboshi is out of the game due to a hard check by a first year. Unlike the other girls, this girl actually seems to like him. While Hanamichi works hard on his 20,000 jumps jump shot training, Haruko invites him to the festival for a change of pace. Akagi starts to worry about his foot when Uozumi throws him to the floor. They go to a vacant building to begin the process of building a restaurant in goodwill, with Ra Mi-ran's idea being chosen. Sports League . The following morning, Jessi gets her wish to try bungee jumping. On the other hand, Hanamichi is unable to show off the results of his training, and his teammates look at him with disdain. It was first published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan and has sold over 100 million copies in that country alone. Their performance of ". Min Hyo-rin is the first to get her wish, which is to do a makeover for the older members. Then, he got a fight with Akagi, Shohouku basketball captain. Ryonan who lost Uozumi gives Shohoku a three point lead. The basketball team is able to join once the misfits get together, and the Shohoku basketball team is able to become really good in Japan. Afterwards, the members have a birthday party for Somi and Kang Ye-won at the latter's house. Page Transparency See More. To be able to cheer Hanamichi on at the game, Yohei and his friends get part-time jobs to pay for travel expenses to Hiroshima where the national tournament will take place. However, while they are scooping goldfish for some little kids, and having fun, Haruko is approached by some thugs and their good time is ruined. Haruko wants to prove that she should be interested in Sakuragi. The intensity in Rukawa and Mitsui's one-on-one is increasing. Less than nine minutes left, Shohoku leads 53 to 46. Slam Dunk anime season 2 is not happening, there are no production companies currently attached to make a new show, continuing on the final shot at the train station. After the recording, Min Hyo-rin invites the members to her house. Top team in Shizuoka, top 8 in the nation, Jousei is surely a strong team that can't be taken for granted. This is just some of the action that happens in the TV show as something news is always happening each week. The fourth dreamer is chosen as Hong Jin-kyung, whose dream is to host her own television show. The members fulfill the two first tasks, and start to organize the pretend wedding. He makes a shot under-the-rim that he never made before. Log In. Each episode is packed with interesting drama, and that is what has allowed the show to be a success. Then, Shoyo's Fujima, Hanagata, and Hasegawa who coincidently met up with Hikoichi come by to cheer them on. However, his attitude is unfriendly, and when Mari tries to get interviews from the other players, Akagi says, "You're in the way of practice." With only a month left before the Nationals, Shohoku's practice gets heated. Kim Sook – Obtaining a bus driver's license. Be the first one to add a plot. Slam Dunk is available for streaming on Toei Animation, both individual episodes and full seasons. Kim Sook & Jessi are taking the exams for the bus driver's license, while the members also work on the second dream and their girl group name. Page transparency See More. He doesn't have any previous experience playing sports, and so he wonders if he will get accepted. Hanamichi who bumps into Maki and Nobunaga of Kainan decides to follow them to Nagoya to check out the "Star of Aichi", Aiwa Academy's Moroboshi. Sendo also mentally supported Uozumi, and Uozumi decides to support the team from the bench. Yohei and his friends assume Hanamichi will explode and quickly react to avoid the worst situation. Browse the latest Disney+ from with Yidio! After seeing the full choreography of their first song and learning several basic skills, the members visit, Kim Hwa-young (choreographer), Kim Kyu-sang (visual performance director), Hosts of, The members begin recording their first song, "Right?". 1993 Streamers Information Rated: TV-14. The Ryonan game continues with the score tied two to two. Ra Mi-ran – Building/remodeling a house, having a photoshoot, camping, and producing a Christmas carol. S2, Ep1. Last ten minutes of the second half. Both teams play very hard in the everlasting final minute, and the final whistle is blown. ", when it is decided that Kim Sook and Kang Ye-won are switching their vocal parts. The starters are especially given attention and second year, Kawai Mari, a reporter for the broadcasting club has her eye on Rukawa. Shohoku plays well until Uozumi and Akagi collides. Contact Slam Dunk Season 2 on Messenger. But Taoka repeatedly tells him, "Wait till the last five minutes.". But after starting this dream, she discovers that the other members' prepared a surprise with the crew: her real dream is to spend time with her parents who live abroad, and complete three tasks chosen by her father. Kim Hwa-young (choreographer), Seo Jin-ho (actress), The members go for a 1 night 2 days trip to, The members film the entire music video for "Right?". ",, Korean Broadcasting System original programming, 2016 South Korean television series debuts, 2017 South Korean television series endings, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The cast members are introduced through an interview with 3 "variety show masters" (cast members of, Both teams proceed with their assigned task, and. Slam Dunk is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (247 episodes). I laughed out loud AT LEAST ONCE in EVERY episode. Afterwards, they visit. Add Image. Finally, the first half begins. However, the game ends in disagreement and Hanamichi steps in to challenge Rukawa. About See All. What will he do to fix the relationship. And what Ryonan fears actually happens. A preview snippet of the final version of the members' song is played by, With only 7 days until debut, the members go on a trip to relax and open up to each other, but they end up still practicing for their upcoming debut. By the day of the film festival filming has been completed, and the members preview their "fake" documentary. The series first aired on October 16, 1993. Season 2 of the program focused primarily on the girl group project, which was Min Hyo-rin's … Episode #2.2 . In the second half, Rukawa continues to play perfectly against Sendo in a back-and-forth game. The show is written Takehiko Inoue. Later on, ", Park Jin-young's last recurring appearance. Year: Season 2. or. So, when the owners say, "If you protect the shacks from the typhoon, I'll triple your pay", they jump at the chance to make more money. This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 05:58. Akagi who puts down a gorilla dunk shows off his complete revival. Even though he is in a gang, he is not popular with the ladies. Hanamichi is fired up at getting Fukuda and there is no end to Shohoku's energy. As Hikoichi starts to look for other players, Akagi has no choice but to agree. When Sendo joins the … Slam Dunk Season 3. Sports League. Watch Slam Dunk - Season 1, Episode 103 - Slam Dunk! Sometimes what you think will happen does not actually happen. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. But the coach had high hopes for him. In particular, you see the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi; however, he is the delinquent outcast on the show. Kim Kyu-sang (visual performance director), Kim Hwa-young (choreographer), Han Chae-young and Hong Jin-young are chosen to represent the members in KBS. The members created a girl group, called "Unnies", and a song was produced for the members by Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment with the final task is to perform at the KBS. Park Sang-hee (psychoanalyst), Matthew Douma (Somi's father), Jeon Sun-hee (Somi's mother), Evelyn Douma (Somi's sister). Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls. Be the first one to add a plot. It is a shocking scene to see Moroboshi's Aiwa Academy down by 20 points to Meihou Tech. Slam Dunk is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Takehiko Inoue. Jessi and Kim Sook then receive their roles and lines for the movie, as they eat out with Jang Jin. For that reason, Rukawa challenges Mitsui to a one-on-one after practice. This is because he has a new goal of becoming the number one high school player in Japan. Afterward, they begin the second recording session for "Right? On Jan 7, Slam Dunk's creator Takehiko Inoue announced via Twitter that the classic basketball manga is receiving another new animated film adaptation by Toei studio. But it is Hanamichi's devious side that suggests that they hold a practice game. He is aware that he loves basketball just as much as he loves Haruko. Because of the rainy weather, they can't shoot scenes for the movie, rescheduling it instead for next week instead. Create New Account. Slam Dunk Full Episode Guide Season 5 7 full episodes. He also feels that he shouldn't be on the basketball team because so many women have rejected his offer to date. Slam Dunk (English Subtitled) Season 2 (6) IMDb 4.9 1994 5 Seasons 13+ Former punk Sakuragi Hanamichi, joins his high school basketball team attempting to impress his dream girl Haruko. Slam Dunk Season 2. S2, Ep2. The recordings continue for the chorus and rap part, but Hong Jin-kyung still struggles with her part making her stay at the studio longer while the other members perfect the choreography. In addition, a few weeks before, the members went to the premiere of Kang Ye-won's, The members have dinner after a busy day, then return to their dormitory to train. Sport league . 오보"…SNS 글 모아보니? Episode 101 Glorious Slam Dunk Episode 100 Man of Miracles, Hanamichi Sakuragi! As their debut date is getting near, the members work harder on the choreography. During the trip, the members are fulfilling their wishes as well as the rule. Episodes for this dream revolves around the members accommodating to the requests of Jessi's parents with the final task is to create a fake wedding for Jessi. March 2nd, 1996. However, Hanamichi who was concerned with his jump shot focuses on his rebounding. 25 years after its completion, Slam Dunk remains one of the most popular sports manga ever. Know what this is about? The first recordings for the song, and more work on the choreography. In the last three minutes and 18 seconds, with Sendo reverting back to his old self as "Scoring Machine", Ryonan catches up to make it 58 to 65. 343,463 people follow this. Uozumi who is on the bench with four fouls approaches Coach Taoka to let him back in the game. While the players from the mixed team and even his own team look on in disbelief, Hanamichi carries on making his Training Camp Shot. The three tasks from Jessi's father are revealed: one related to the past by playing basketball together; one to the present, seeing Jessi perform; and one to the future, organize a pretend wedding. The show follows each cast member as she tries to accomplish a long-held unfulfilled dream. Forgotten account? But Ryonan, who never give up, continues to play hard and Shohoku is also fired up. Min Hyo-rin – Debuting in a girl group. ", "Is it aggravated?". The opportunity has finally presented itself for Hanamichi to show off his new move, the "Training Camp Shot". After debating ideas, the cast then goes to. The members begin learning the vocal and dance routine for their first song, "Right?". Ryonan takes a time out to praise Fukuda so that he will play up to his ability. With Uozumi's intense focus, Shohoku's one-sided game gradually changes. Jessi's pretend wedding is a success. The members continue with Ra Mi-ran's next dream, who has another dream of going caroling. The cast members begin their evaluations in singing and dancing, as they start living as trainees. Even though he is quick to get a temper and can act extremely immature, Sakuragi makes the decision to join the team and proves to be a natural athlete. They are trying to get Akagi to come to Fukazawa Athletic University and to get their recommendation approved, they need Akagi to finish in the top 8 at the Nationals. You can also watch Slam Dunk on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, iTunes online. Anzai is betting on Hanamichi's ability to improve incredibly and wants him to master the jump shot in a mere ten days. While one of them is recording, the other members learn the song's choreography, which has been updated according to their vocal parts. Kim Hyeong-seok, Kim Hwa-young and Kim Kyu-sang assess their improvement in dancing from their performance of. The day of the Ryonan game finally comes. Shohoku's scrimmage with the mixed team of Fujima and Hanagata of Shoyo, with Uozumi, Sendo, and Fukuda of Ryonan instantly changed momentum when Sendo entered the game. Ryonan, included the whole arena, is shocked at Hanamichi's improvement. Episode 99 - -09. Later, The members continue to polish their choreography with their backup dancers, while also finalizing their outfit concepts. and shuts her out. Meanwhile, Mitsui picks up his third foul. Not Now. Know what this is about? “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” is the second season of a South Korean variety show that features an all-female cast of actresses, idols and comedians. You will have to watch the show to see what happens week to week. There is an uproar in the stands as fans begin to realize that he might be a genius. Hanamichi meets Kaede at the rooftop, due of misunderstanding Haruko hates him. Sport league. While Hanamichi is practicing his 20,000 jump shots, Akagi and the team have a practice game in Shizuoka with their fellow training camp partners, Jousei High School. You will like the show if you decide watch. Once the cast reaches their destination they set up, prepare food, and play a version of ", In the final episode, the members meet up again with. The members then meet with former politician-turned-writer, As the last dreamer, Ra Mi-ran then reveals that she plans to completely use what is left of their planned money, while she relates her life story at her old house. See more of Slam Dunk Season 2 on Facebook. If he gets a fourth, he will be forced to sit on the bench and both teams are attuned to Mitsui's play. or. 336,022 people like this. The members are assessed and assigned to individual parts for their first song, "Right?". He has a bad influence on people because he has decided to join a gang, and be its leader. The cast members are introduced through a meeting with music producer. Episodes for this dream revolves around the members planning and working to build a restaurant after finding an abandoned building. Contact Slam Dunk Season 2 on Messenger. With five minutes left and down by thirteen, Ryonan is in a critical situation, but Uozumi leads his team and tries to overpower Shohoku. Slam Dunk is a 31-Tankobon (volume), 24-Kanzenban Japanese manga and anime series written by Takehiko Inoue about a basketball team from Shohoku High School. The members arrive at their rest place and spends the night playing games getting to know each other. … Slam Dunk Season 2. See more of Slam Dunk Season 2 on Facebook. The cast members spend their first night together before resuming their training when they also decide to make Minzy as the leader of their group. All the schools who are entering the Nationals have been decided. 343,521 people follow this. Later on, they begin the vocal practice for their new song with vocal coach Jang Jin-young. Uozumi bites his lip at his own immaturity and remembers when he first joined the team and considered quitting. The members then tell Jang Jin of Hong Jin-kyung's idea for her dream of a, Tiffany's last appearance as a cast member, Kim Yeon-koung's last recurring appearance, The members measure the fine dust level within their surroundings while doing their own efforts in protecting the environment, from recycling to DIY eco-friendly products. When Sendo joins the mixed team, they establishes chemistry, making crisp passes, and continuous dramatic combinations that are far more advanced than the district tournament plays. Add Image. Although Shohoku has the lead, they are in panic. Create New Account. 336,762 people like this. Additionally, similar to Min Hyo-rin's dream, the members practice their singing techniques in preparation for the carol recording. Being thrown down by Uozumi, Hanamichi doesn't move. Season: OR . Kim Hwa-young (choreographer), Kim Kyu-sang (visual performance director), The members fulfill their promise for reaching the top of all daily music charts. Hanamichi doesn't want to belong to the team at first because he does not think he will be accepted. Whole Shohoku High School is making some noise after the basketball team's achievements of run-ups in the district tournament and entry to the Nationals. Season 5 Episode 96 Basketball Shoes II ... Watch Episodes. Episode #2.1. The members then meet up with AISFF chairman, Ra Mi-ran's 1st dream is revealed, which is to build a house. The boys are still to win the National Championship in the anime, but for people looking to find the end of the anime will have to consult with the manga series. Release date: 16 Oct 1993 Genres: Anime, Basketball, Comedy, Sports. He has been rejected by women over 50 times. About See all. Finally, the intense training camp has started. Not Now. Meanwhile, Fukazawa Athletic University's Coach Karasawa and player Sugiyama are visiting the Akagi household. Episodes for this dream revolves around the members practicing singing and dancing techniques to debut as idol singers. Community See all. Even so, losing this game would mean that the third years, Akagi, Kogure, and Mitsui would end their last summer. As the students keenly watch on, he dominates the rebounds and even fuels the offense with some momentum. Community See All. movie 2: Shohoku takes on Tsukubu, a surprising team in this year's tournament. Slam Dunk, Vol. Her dream is to debut as a girl group member (having been once a trainee) and they get help from. Hanamichi Sakuragi rethinks his decision and returns to the basketball team, although he is still forced to learn the basics. They start working in two seaside shacks, but on payday they are faced with an unexpected expense. Hanamichi annoyingly suggests a practice game to show off the results of his special training to Akagi and the rest of the team. Watch Slam Dunk Season 2 Episode 1. When Akagi and his team go to Shizuoka for a combined training camp with Jousei High School, Hanamichi is told to stay behind for a special training with Anzai. Sister's Slam Dunk (2016) Episode List. Hanamichi makes sure Yohei and friends don't come and disturb him to go on a date with Haruko. Kim Sook gets her wish to eat alone, and Tiffany gets her wish to visit an amusement park. Forgot account? The basic concept behind the TV Show called Slam dunk is that it's about a basketball team from Sh?hoku High School. Episodes for this dream revolves around the members, especially Kim Sook and Jessi, practicing the way to drive a bus with the final task is to participate in a qualification exam to obtain the license. In 1995, it received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shonen.It was so popular that many Japanese teenagers … "Is the tape loose? Where do I stream Slam Dunk online? Kang Ye-won goes to an otolaryngologist to be diagnosed on her vocal folds' condition. And the entire arena is beginning to expect Ryonan's come-from-behind victory. With less than a minute, Kogure's three-pointer gives Shohoku a four-point lead with the score 68 to 64. Jessi, Ra Mi-ran, and Kim Sook go to make a table, which Kim Sook shows off her wood-working skills. Another dream of Ra Mi-ran is revealed to be camping, and Mi-ran comes prepared with all the needed supplies. Haruko Akagi convinces his friend Hanamichi to join the basketball team because Haruki recognizes Hanamichi as a talented sports player. Hanamichi is very elated for this Haruko's suggestion. 2 continues where the previous tankōbon left off and contains the next nine chapters (10–18) of the on-going manga series. Hisashi Mitsui and Royota Miyagi both decide to rejoin the basketball team, and this allows the team to become competitive again. The following week they go to work on the movie's car scene with Min Hyo-rin. Log In. Even Rukawa starts out a bit jittery, but once his engine is revved up, they instantly shrink the score gap. Watch Slam Dunk Season 2 Episode 62, 3 Days of Special Training, on Crunchyroll. However, Uozumi with three fouls is in the same situation. When he meets Haruko Akagi, he instantly falls in-love with her because she doesn't seem to be scared of him. Not to mention, Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2 was hilarious and thoroughly entertaining!